bay area shooting ranges

Barnwood Arms

120 E Main St, Ripon   (209) 599-4651
10-8 M-F, 10-6 Sa, x Su

Seven lane indoor range at gun shop with a large selection of rifles, handguns, and safes. See their web site for more info:

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Birds Landing Hunting and Sporting Clays

2099 Collinsville Rd. Birds Landing   (707) 374-5092
9-5 W-Su, x M-Tu

Shotgun/Sporting Clays - It is near the hamlet of Birds Landing, which is north of Concord, on the north side of the river on 1200 acres adjacent to Suisun marsh. Pheasant and chukar hunting is available. Apparently you take California 12 (the road connecting Fairfield to Isleton) to Birds Landing Road, which intersects 12 at about the same place as 113, turn south, and follow the signs. See their web site for more info:

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Black Point Game Bird Club

7711 Lakeville Rd, Petaluma   (707) 763-0076
W, Sa, Su or by appt

Shotgun/Sporting Clays - The physical setting is lowlands. Members can shoot pheasant and chukar, which appears to be the main purpose of the club, over their own dogs or dogs rented from the club. (Both membership and a dog seem to be required for hunting.)

Operations less resemble a storefront business than at any other range, and you may not find it obvious where to go and what to do— a strategy of wandering around and beaming a look of amiable disorientation toward people may not be enough. But the folks who run it are very friendly once located (hint: they're probably in the house-like building with weather instruments on the roof, which is the office).

See web site for more info:

Directions.The address is 7711 Lakeville Highway, Petaluma, but it is closer to Novato. To get there, take California 37 to Lakeville Highway— that's the first light to the west of the Sears Point (California 121) intersection— and turn south. You will go a couple of miles down a gravel road (speed limit 15), bearing left when there is an option (signs are posted at most decision points). This is actually quite easy unless you mistakenly take the Black Point Road/Atherton Boulevard exit, which is further still to the west.

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Bullseye Precision Shooting

1281 Andersen Dr suite K, San Rafael   (415) 453-7465
10-8 M-Sa, 10-6 Su

They have 10 lanes and a wide verity of handguns available to rent or buy. Hearing and eye protection is provided. They also provide a full range of classes from beginner handgun safety to California Concealed Weapon Permit courses. Check their web site for more info:

If you buy a firearm from them, you can shoot it during the 10 day wait period.

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Center Mass Shooting Range

27 Commerce Place, Vacaville   (707) 449-4867
10-5 Su-W, 10-7 Th-Sa

Three indoor pistol ranges. There are eight lanes at 17 yards and four lanes at 25 yards.

See their web site for more info:

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Chabot Gun Club

9999 Redwood Road, Castro Valley   (510) 569-0213
9-5 Sa-Su, 10-5 M & F, x Tu-Th

Rifle, Pistol, Trap - A large, active club with a lovely regional-park setting and a no-nonsense safety attitude, Chabot has many organized competitions (they do almost all the acronyms, including DCM, PPC, IPSC, IDPA...), plus classes and less formal activities (plinking) in rifle, pistol. Trap range for shotgunners. No gun sales, and no rentals in the usual sense (DCM rifle matches and some classes offer loaner M-1 Garands and .22 rifles). Steel core and surplus ammunition are ok except the usual prohibition on tracer and incendiary bullets. .50 BMG is OK on Mondays only. Beltfed is fine too but your links must be no more than 10 rounds each. If you own an Off List (OL) rifle these are generally accepted. Bring your receipt from a gun purchased within the last year and you shoot for free!

There is no rapid fire allowed. One second between shots. No human silhouette targets are allowed. Animal pictures and bulls-eyes are OK.

Rifle ranges go from 20, 50, 75, and 100 yards. There is a 200 yard range open Friday to non-members from 10AM to 12:30PM but call ahead to make sure a range master is on duty.

Pistol range is from 7, 15, and 25 yards.

Trap shooting is 7 1/2, 8 or 9 trap (low base) loads only, 18.5" and longer barrels allowed.

For further information, see their web site:

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Coyote Point Shooting Range

1601 Coyote Point Blvd, San Mateo   (650) 573-2557
7pm-10pm M/W/F, x Sa-Su/Tu/Th

Outdoor range - Rimfire & rifles, no centerfire handguns. The range is under the direction of the San Mateo County Sheriff's Department. The range only allows .22 rimfire pistols & rifles (25 yard range only) and any caliber rifles (100 yard range only). .50BMG might be OK to shoot. It is open to the general public between the hours of 7:00 P.M. and 10:00 P.M. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Saturdays and Sundays are normally for the exclusive use of the Coyote Point Rifle and Pistol Club. It is closed on all the major holidays. See their web site for more info:

The range is quite strict about its rules, and also a perennial target for shutdown by anti-gun forces; but is exceptionally clean and sparsely populated. Parents will often bring their children to shoot there and padded mats are provided for prone rimfire shooting. Several matches are conducted there including .22 pistol, International Air Pistol and Rifle, NRA and USAS matches.

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Coyote Valley Sporting Clays

1000 San Bruno Ave, Morgan Hill   (408) 778-3600

Two sporting-clays courses (Main and Mountain) plus 5-Stand. The place is a classy operation in a beautiful, mostly-upland, though not waterless setting. "Reservations are appreciated" —required, in fact, for the Mountain Course. A "training station" for Clays is available. Both American and Olympic skeet are available with 2 fields for shooting.

** 22" Minimum barrel length **

RENTS shotguns, golf cart and push cart rentals also available.

Beginner's Experience Package:
50 targets, 50 shells, Gun rental, eyes, ears, Instructor. 3 person minimum.

Open to the public year-round, though closed Mondays and Tuesdays except for special private events. Open national holidays except Christmas. Some evening hours available during Summer months. More info at their web site:

Hunter education is offered approximately once a month. "Certified professional instructors are available for private lessons," and special classes are offered from time to time.
Looks like vending machines. A non-shooting function they have is renting out picnic facilities and the possibility of arranging catering.

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Guns, Fishing & Other Stuff

197 Butcher Road, Vacaville   (707) 451-1199
9-6 Su-M, 9-8 Tu-Sa

Gun range and large retail store just south of I-80. Open 7 days. They rent pistols and rifles, yes you can shoot rifles in their indoor range.

See their web site for more info:

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Jackson Arms

152 Utah Avenue, South San Francisco   (650) 588-4209
11-9 M-F, 10-9 Sa, 10-7 Su

Indoor range with sales and rentals. You'll also still see references to its previous name, Aimark, and even its original name, Top Gun. See their website:

They allow handguns (.22 short through .44 magnum), and shotguns (lead buckshot or slugs only, no birdshot). Centerfire rifles no longer allowed. They prohibit the following calibers: .30 carbine, .454 casull and .50 AE/Desert Eagle. Black Powder firearms allowed Monday - Friday 11am-12pm only. You can only shoot targets that you buy there.

If you are there alone you cannot rent a gun unless you bring your own gun. This does not apply to groups of 2 or more.

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Laguna Seca Rifle and Pistol Range

1025 Monterey, Hwy 68, Salinas   (831) 757-6317

The outdoor range is open year-round Friday through Monday, but closed for some special events at Laguna Seca Raceway (these closures are scheduled far in advance, and you can find out about them by calling ahead).

Exact hours depend on season. See their web site for details: and

The Laguna Seca range is affiliated with the Civilian Marksmanship Program.

First time visitors will be given instruction and the rules. Eye and ear protection must be worn (they are sold there along with targets) and kids 18 or under must be accompanied by a guardian. There are separate rifle and pistol ranges both of which are covered with benches. Target ranges go from 25, 50, 100, 200 and 300 yards (uphill gong). Restrictions: No full autos, no holsters, and no rapid fire.

Click here for a facility map.

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Lincoln Rifle Club

424 G Street #203 Lincoln   (916) 434-0308

Two ranges. 11 acres in size. The outdoor range features 32 covered firing points for Rifles and Handguns. Plus a 5 station 16 yard trap range. Facilities for shooting at various distances up to 200 yards. A variety of matches and training classes. Ladies night discount. See their web site:

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Livermore-Pleasanton Rod and Gun Club

4000 Dagnino Road, Livermore

LPRG owns and occupies 54 acres and includes rifle, pistol, and trap ranges, and an outdoor barbecue and recreation area. They also have a clubhouse with large screen HD TV and sofas. No .50 BMG allowed. Trap shooting (and lots of it). Mostly a daylight club, but Tuesday nights during Daylight Savings Time you can do trap shooting under the lights. Closed Mondays.

Range is open to Rifle, Pistol, and Trap shooting. For more information, go to their web site:

Classes available to learn to shoot or hunt.

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Los Altos Rod and Gun Club

14750 Skyline Blvd, Los Altos

A nice, friendly range for rifle, pistol, and shotgun shooting, offering plinking at cans and plastic jugs at any time with any caliber on special 50 and 100 yard firing lines (this is unusual in the area). They'll pull trap for your squad, or you can bring or purchase biodegradable birds (just regulation trap birds, not sporting-clays type) and use their hand traps. Try out the red one that slings 'em at exceptional speed over a canyon so you have plenty of time to fantasize that the unbroken thing is laughing at you as it sails out of range. No skeet or sporting clays. $15 for the day, under 18 are half price.

Th-Su: 9am-5pm (Closes at 4PM in winter)
- 8 Manual Trap
- 1 Electric Trap (xtra $$$)

"Guns requiring a special license to own" and .50 BMG are not allowed. See their web site:

Note: in the colder months is can get pretty foggy and damp up there. Call ahead for conditions.

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Manteca Sportsman

30261 S. Airport Way, Manteca   (209) 823-7919

Archery, Black Powder, Indoor, Pistol, Shotgun (Trap), and Rifle venues.

See their web site for more info:

The Range is open for the public 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year, only closed Christmas and Thanksgiving day. Pistol & rifle hours are 8am until 1/2 before sunset. Public trap hours 9-noon Mon, 6-10 Wed, and 10-4 Sat

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Markley's Indoor Range and Gun Shop

14 Blanca Ln, Watsonville   (831) 722-6945

The indoor range offers 21 shooting lanes out to 25 yards with automatic target retrieval. If you're short on equipment, they rent ear and eye protection, and guns of course.

Open to the public seven days a week, fees are $8/ hour. Courses are offered in basic firearms safety, defensive sprays, hunter safety and intermediate or advanced shooting. In Watsonville (behind Ferrell's Donuts), which is off the above map but to the south of the Bay Area on US 101. They also have a store-only location in Scotts Valley.

See their web site for more info:

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Martinez Gun Club

900 Waterbird Wy, Martinez   (925) 372-9599

A small, friendly club with a variety of shotgun activities, they were established is 1883 which makes them one of the oldest clubs operating in America. They offer several fields of American trap and can throw International (aka Olympic or bunker) trap. They also have skeet and sporting clays.

They ask 48 hours' notice to throw sporting clays or bunker trap, and further require a squad of at least 4 shooters for bunker. For the other games, no advance notice is needed and individuals are welcome. As with any trap club, check their bulletin or call first to see if one of the leagues that rotate around the Bay Area clubs is shooting there that weekend.

See their web site for more info:

Wednesday nights are family nights and youth programs are available.

Take the Marina Boulevard exit off of I-680, but instead of going west down Marina into downtown Martinez, go east. In about half a mile you will see a road heading south, with a sign pointing toward the club and a larger sign pointing the same way for the recycling/waste transfer facility. The club is about half a mile down that road (Waterbird Road); keep going straight at the place where the recycling traffic forks off to the left.

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Field Sports Park ("Metcalf")

9580 Malech Rd, San Jose   (408) 463-0652
10-4 W, 12-6 Th, 12-4 F, 8-4 Sa-Su, x M-Tu

It is a county-run park with pistol and rifle ranges and both trap and skeet fields (bismuth shot only, no lead). There are a variety of distances available, out to 50 yards for pistol and 100 for rifle. There is also a 200 yard rifle range used by two different DCM clubs for highpower rifle matches, which makes for a club match almost every weekend. This range is open for public practice the fourth Sunday of the month if a volunteer rangemaster is available, so call first (for this or to ask them how to get involved in DCM matches).

Operating hours are complex so see their web site: for more info.

Call and ask. Basic pistol, at least, is occasionally offered, though I do not know of regularly scheduled instruction.
Looks like vending machines.
Sales and Rentals
No gun sales or rentals. A small selection of ammo and basic supplies is available.

I'm sure the locals are quite used to giving further directions.

The San Jose Zouaves, a Civilian Marksmanship Program and National Rifle Association affiliated club that has various activities, most prominently highpower-rifle matches, use this range:

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Pacific Rod and Gun Club

520 John Muir Dr, San Francisco   (415) 586-8349
11-5 Wed,Sat,Sun

One of San Francisco's beautiful city parks — Lake Merced— offers trap and skeet shooting at a range near the city zoo. They are open to the public, with discounts and special privileges for members of the club. There is also a .22 LR rifle/air rifle-only range open to members by appointment. They have a Juniors Club as well, using Model 52 Winchester match rifles from the DCM. Call for hours and days of operation.

The club has been there since 1928 though it's still unknown to many shooters. As is the case these days, membership is dwindling and money is tight for this jewel of a club. Shotgunners are encouraged to come down and enjoy shooting in a park-like setting right on the lake.

** 24" Minimum barrel length, No extended magazines **
** Steel/Bismuth shot only **

Non-members may be required to buy their ammunition on site (no outside ammo)

See their web site for details:

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Reed's Indoor Range

1100 Duane Avenue, Santa Clara, CA   (408) 970-9870
10-9 M-F, 9-8 Sa, 9-7 Su

25 yard pistol range with 20 well-lighted lanes, with firearms for rent. If you are one of those people who don't want to keep your gun at home, they offer monthly storage lockers for you. Nice selection of firearms and accessories for sale, also many training classes. See their web site for more info:

They feature a Monday Night Shooting League for people who want to try competitive pistol shooting.

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Richmond Rod and Gun Club

3155 Goodrick Ave, Richmond   (510) 620-9519
9-4 W, F-Su, x M/Tu/Th

Rifle, pistol and skeet in the East Bay, out there on Point Richmond.

Claybird shooting is steel shot only (they'd probably accept bismuth) because of the shotfall area. Wed, Sat, Sun: 10am-3pm. 18.5" and longer (shotgun) barrels allowed.

There is a public 100-yard rifle range (and a 200-yard range for highpower matches and members' practice). If you have military surplus ammunition or anything that attracts a magnet you might not be allowed to shoot it. Call ahead for information. A 25 yard public pistol range is also available.

This is a major range for IPSC, and SASS shoots here with the Richmond Roughriders. They also offer Smallbore Junior rifle training.

See their web site for more information:

These are modified from the Richmond Hotshots IPSC page. From the Bay Bridge: Follow I-80 east. Take the 580 west turnoff, which is marked 'Richmond San Rafael Bridge,' near the Golden Gate Fields horse track. Proceed approximately 5.25 miles to the Castro Street exit. Stay to the right and make a right turn at the stop light at the bottom of the exit ramp. This will put you on Castro Street, which becomes the Richmond Parkway after winding about for awhile. Follow the parkway for around 4 miles to the 7th stop light (Goodrick Avenue). Turn left on Goodrick and proceed 0.3 miles where you will find the club on your left.
You can follow the same route from the Richmond San Rafael Bridge by exiting at Castro Street and going under the freeway to the left, where you will be at the first stop light mentioned above.
A snack bar offers sausages, pizza, etc. (possibly afternoon/evening only).

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San Leandro Rifle and Pistol Range

3001 Davis St, San Leandro   (510) 638-9605
9-9 M-F, 9-5 Sa, 9-10 Su

An indoor pistol range and outdoor pistol and rifle range. A few outdoor firing points at 25/50 yards (smallbore rifle, any pistol) and 100 yards (centerfire rifle). Only bench shooting allowed on centerfire rifle ranges, no standing or prone (they have wooden barriers to prevent this). 14 indoor bays (magnum pistols not allowed indoors). No shotguns allowed. Open 7 days a week. More info on their web site:

The facility is right next to the city dump so on hot days be prepared for some smell. Because they are so close to the Oakland Airport they have a concern about ricochets on the outdoor range. For this reason they do not allow Full Metal Jacket ammunition for the outdoor range area. Be prepared to show the range master your ammunition when you sign in. Picture ID required to shoot there.

Junior club web site.

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San Jose Municipal (10th Street) Firing Range

1580 South 10th St, San Jose   (408) 275-1738

The Range is open for the public every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM. And Saturday from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM. It is located near the SJSU Spartan Stadium and the SJSU Ice Rink.

The San Jose Municipal Firing Range (also known as the 10th Street Range) has Airgun shooting, an Indoor Handgun Range, an Outdoor Handgun Range, an Indoor Rifle Range, and an Outdoor Rifle Range. Instruction is available. Directions and map here.

See their web site for more info:

The Range has five INDOOR 50 ft firing points only with hand target reels (bring cardboard as the very strong ventilation fans can blow your paper target around). Some report that it gets a smokey in there despite the fans. All handguns permitted, no Magnum or Hardball (FMJ) loads allowed. .22 cal smallbore rifles only, no centerfire.

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6-B Sporting Clays

3100 West Gaffery Road, south of Tracy  

Note: Call ahead before driving out there: (209) 832-5672.

Field-style sporting clays in dry upland terrain, plus five-stand sporting clays. Birdhunting excursions are also offered.
From southbound 580 or southbound 5, either one, go east on 132, then south on Koster Road, then west on Gaffrey Road, crossing under I-5, for a total of several miles on tertiary, or quaternary roads. No rifle or pistol ranges are apparent, and I do not believe they have trap.

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Sacramento Valley Shooting Center

15501 Meiss Rd. Sloughhouse   (916) 354-9668

Huge range with 100 yard (26 positions covered 26 positions uncovered) and 300 yard (11 positions shaded) for rifles. Shoot pistols to 50 yards (16 covered positions), Rim Fire (.22 cal) reactive target range (8 positions uncovered).
Shotgun, Trap, Skeet, Stand, and Sporting Clays.

New customers must earn a shooting certificate before using their 300 yard range.

They have a "member only" 1000 yard range! Click this to read more about it.

Visit their website for more info:

Warning: Gets hot in the Summer!

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Sunnyvale Rod & Gun Club

11998 Stevens Canyon Road, Cupertino, CA 95014   (408) 873-8255

Tuesday: 9am - 9pm (shotgun 5pm - 9pm), Friday (rifle and pistol only) and Saturday: 9-5, First and third Sundays: 10-3

Rifle, pistol, and trap shooting as described on their web site: Not a large place and no .50 BMG guns allowed. The public is welcome but the range is operated by its volunteer members. Joining used to be by invitation only, like a country club, but was recently loosened up to encourage more participants.

Trap: ** 26" Minimum barrel length **
$5 per trap round. They provide everything. 4 trap fields available.

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Target Masters West indoor pistol range

122 Minnis Circle, Milpitas  

Hours: Mon-Sat: 10 to midnight (gun shop closes at 10PM), Sunday 10AM - 10PM

An indoor range with 17 shooting stations up to 25 yards and a gun store. Extensive night hours. Note: An unaccompanied shooter who is not known to the staff and who does not bring a gun of his or her own cannot rent one at this range. So bring a friend— it's more fun anyway.

No rapid fire (3 seconds between shots) and no head shots on sillouette targets. More info at their web site:

Sales and Rentals
A fair assortment of handguns are available to rent, and numerous new and used handguns and long guns are available for sale. A person sharing your lane gets a discount. Ammunition and many supplies are sold.

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United Sportsmen Inc

4700 Evora Rd, Concord   Rifle Range (925) 676-1963   Trap/Skeet (925) 676-1987

Rifle/Pistol Hours: 9-5 daily, closed on Tuesday; Trap/Skeet/5-Stand Hours: 1-8 W-Th, 10-3 F, 10-6 Sa-Su

Pistol ranges from 15 to 25 yards, rifle ranges from 50 to 100 yards. Human-silhouette targets not allowed. .50BMG is OK to shoot there. FMJ steel-core ammunition not allowed. Use a magnet to check if it's steel core before you bring your rifle ammo.

New shooters to the range are required to take a 10 minute safety orientation before using the range -- this is offered every day, no waiting.

USI is owned by five separate clubs offering trap, skeet, rifle, pistol, action pistol, air gun, archery, and youth programs. Links to each club can be found on the USI website. Action Pistol, their 200 yard range, and private shotgun fields are open to members only. Memberships are only $20 or $25 per year, depending on the club.

Visit the USI web site at

Sales and Rentals
No gun sales or rentals. USI has a wide variety of rifle, pistol, and shotgun ammo and reloading supplies, and other shooting supplies. Member discounts available on ammo
Beer, soda and vending machines are available. Snacks available at the clubhouse. No eating in the shooting area.

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Yolo Sportsmen

24189 Aviation Ave, Davis   CA (530) 662-2349

9-6 W-Su, x M-Tu

Yolo Sportsmen's Association (YSA) has a Pistol, Rifle and Shotgun range at the Yolo Municipal Airport. Hwy 80, Woodland (up Vacaville way), then N Hwy 505 to Rt 29, E for 3-4 miles.

Two shotgun ranges including 5-Stand sporting clays, plus covered 10 yards and 25 yard pistol, 50 and 100 yard rifle ranges. Numerous events held there; has a stocked pond for recreational fishing.

Website: Yolo_Sportsmens_Association

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Some Good Gun Pages Elsewhere

  • The National Rifle Association, standing up for the gun rights of all law- abiding citizens (even those who don't yet know that they want their gun rights) and also providing vast amounts of technical and procedural information on guns and shooting.

  • Action Pistol Shooting— when, where, and how to get started in fun and competitive shooting.

  • The California firearms owner's home on the internet working together to preserve our freedoms. Discussion forums, legal advocacy, marketplace.

  • John Dreyer's masters tips on bullseye competition. Best to read it before the season starts, but better late than never. This is also a good entry point into the Shooter's Webring for guided exploration of a storehouse of knowledge that helps you win.

  • Advice on choosing your first handgun Good basic information about one of the more important choices you may make.

  • Women and Guns Magazine, available through that site or on newsstands.

  • California Gun Laws An online research resource designed primarily for use by attorneys and interested firearm owners. Easy access to and facilitate understanding of the multitude of complex federal, state, and local firearm laws and ordinances, administrative and executive regulations, case law, and past and current litigation that defines the California firearms regulatory scheme in theory and practice.

  • The Shooting Software Interest List (formerly the RSI Long List) , a page of gun-related links.

  • Mouse ready? Machine ready? Click! Trapshooting on the net.

  • Randall Fung makes aftermarket orthopedic grips for popular target pistols. If you shoot bullseye or have been thinking about it, have a look.

  • Archery? Near Berkeley? A page that seems to contain everything you'd want to know about Bay Area archery .

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New to the Bay Area and/or the Gun World?

All of the ranges listed here either offer or can tell you where to find a National Rifle Association-style basic safety class that meets California's requirements for purchasing a handgun, or the Hunter Education class needed before you get your first hunting license. Give them a call and you'll generally find friendly, helpful people who have welcomed many a beginner into the community of safe gun owners.

California law, the house rules of most ranges, and good sense combine to require that you enter and leave the premises with your gun unloaded, cased, and (if it is a handgun) locked up. Transport must additionally be outside easy reach of the passenger compartment. For further information, consult one or more of these resources:

Own a Gun and Stay Out of Jail, California Edition by John Machtinger
A book, available at many gun stores or through a bookstore (ISBN-13: 978-0964286450), in which an attorney discusses our numerous and byzantine gun laws (plus Federal ones) in layman's terms.
California Firearms Regulations by the Department of Justice
A faq (frequently asked questions) of typical issues that may face a California gun owner

Peace Officers' Guide to California's Dangerous Weapons Laws
by Rick Bruce.
Published by Barbary Coast Publishing, you can also find it at This is a quiz-type workbook intended for police officer training programs. It was recommended by a correspondent.

About These Ranges

All of the ranges described on this page as "indoor pistol," to my knowledge, rent handguns for use on the premises unless otherwise indicated, and most also have handguns, ammo, and accoutrements for sale. Some also deal in rifles and shotguns, and often will let you fire only birdshot or .22 indoors if they let you fire long guns at all. Most of the outdoor ranges neither sell nor rent guns, though most sell ammo and basic supplies.

I would imagine that most of the indoor and outdoor pistol ranges will let you practice with airguns, and some have airgun matches once in a while.

The "shotgun" ranges offer some combination of sporting clays, trap, skeet, and birdhunting, but not rifle or pistol shooting.

Black powder is usually restricted to outdoor ranges, and not all of them at all times; ask also about their special rules for handling the stuff.

Beyond the basic rules of gun safety, every range has its own rules and procedures. For instance, some (mostly outdoor ranges) forbid human silhouette targets, some prohibit rapid fire except in competition, and most around here forbid guns that require a special license to own (for example, National Firearms Act weapons like machine guns and sawed-off shotguns), at least in civilian hands and/or on the public line. See the posted rules and, if in doubt, ask a range officer.

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Administrative Information

This page now maintained by user TRGT at it's own dedicated URL:, with page design credit to Calgunner Peabe. For over ten years this was maintained and upgraded by, and prior to that started by Joe Chew. It consists of the personal opinions and observations of the authors and their correspondents, not any organization's official positions.

We did this as a public service to law-abiding citizens who want to enjoy gun-related sports or learn how to defend themselves (and stand up for our right to do both). If you appreciate this, pass it along the next time you get a chance to support these matters or guide a newcomer.

Before pinning your hopes on conducting an activity at an unfamiliar range, especially if a long drive is required, phone ahead and ask. The information on this page is conscientiously maintained, but mistakes happen, and sometimes changes occur faster than third-party web pages can keep up...

This page's mission is to list proper supervised gun ranges. We respectfully decline to discuss unmanaged places out in the country (however safe and well tolerated).

Many thanks to everyone who has contributed to this resource. Please email changes to update(at)bayarearanges(dot)com if you find new information or an error so that the page can be kept up to date.

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